The majority of notices of the Royal Office are published at the website of the Abbey-Principality of San Luigi, which has been held in personal union with the Crown of Belarus since 2015. These can be read here. In addition, Prince Edmond of Miensk maintains a personal website (under his professional name John Kersey) whose notices can be read here.

Notices that are of particular relevance to the Royal Office will be posted below.


Recognition from the Royal Office of Orders, Honors and Awards Affairs of the Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom

The Royal House has been pleased to receive recognition from the Royal Office of Orders, Honors and Awards Affairs (ROHA) of the Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara. The Kingdom of Bunyoro-Kitara is one of the major historic kingdoms of Uganda. Today, it is recognized by the Ugandan Constitution. H.M. the Omukama (King) of Bunyoro-Kitara is the titular head of the regional government and assembly of Bunyoro-Kitara and opens, addresses and closes sessions of the assembly. Prince Edmond of Miensk is, in his capacity as Prince-Abbot of San Luigi, also holder of a historic title in Bunyoro-Kitara, that of Mukungu of the Chieftainship of the Ancient Abbey-Principality of San Luigi (Fizzan) (created 1885). The recognition extended means that the titles of nobility of Royal Belarus are now fully recognized by a reigning monarch.